10 things you to know before choosing a business name

What’s in a name? We would say a lot. The success of a business largely depends on the name you give it. Look at major names or brands such as coca –cola and Microsoft. They ring in your mind the instance they are mentioned. If you make a bad choice for a name, it will negatively affect your business, sometimes forcing you to start again. This might prove expensive. So, what are some of the things that you need to know before choosing a business name?

Name uniqueness

It is important to align the name of your business with the unique services that you intend to offer. Your mission statement should be reflected in the name. Brand names like Google, Amazon, Yahoo and Facebook are perfect examples of names which have endured due to the unique propositions behind the services they offer.Image result for 10 things you to know before choosing a business name

Be creative

A good name is not one that one sends one into a thinking mode as they try to recall it. It should instead be a name that conjures a good memory .The name should strike a connection with clients .One should craft it in a clever way such that there is empowerment as well as an emotional attachment that makes one smile at the name. One mistake people make is to use misspelt names .This might backfire when one searches the names and they yield unexpected results. Build around a fun name that is easy to recall or relate to something.

Research for a name

Imagine how awkward it would be if you found out that your name means something obscene in another dialect .Worse still, suppose your most immediate competitor uses a name close to yours.

Test it online

Choose a name that does not bring about ambiguity in search results .It should easily be found and get a domain name for it. The closer the name resembles your trade name, the greater the success.

Consider implications

Some names could give you a hard time and especially when it comes to filing. Some names cannot be legally to be allowed sole proprietorship unless one uses their own names. You must decide whether to shorten it or use it in full. In other cases, you have to think how it would sound like if you went international.

Take your time

Good names are not selected in a day. Give yourself at least 6 months whilst proceeding with other business activities. You will be glad that you were patient with the name.

Put audience in mind

The consumers of your services or products will determine the choice of name. If you are targeting kids or youth, you would want something fun and funky. It should be cool too.


A good name needs be necessarily unconventional but not at the expense of easy spelling.

Choose short names

Short is best when it comes to choice of names.


SEO factor

A good name should not conflict with other similar names in spelling; otherwise you will rank low in search results.

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