10 Ways to Approach Cold Call Sales Leads

What is a cold lead? A prospective customer who you haven’t contacted before. And cold leads are notoriously difficult to convert into buyers. By getting in touch with a cold lead, you are taking a gamble that they may be interested in what you’re selling. So how should you approach a cold lead to give yourself and your team the best chance of making a sale?

  1. Find great leads. Leads are vital to any business because they are bringing new revenue in. There are lots of ways you can source leads. So make sure your way of getting new leads fits in with your customer profile. You’ll have more chance of converting them.
  2. Abide by the law. If you have personal information about your customers you have to comply with the Data Protection Act. You also can’t make unsolicited calls or contact to people who have opted out of being contacted.
  3. Have an aim. Be clear about what you want to achieve before you make a cold call. This doesn’t have to be an immediate sale. It could be that you want the opportunity to provide a quote, share more information or give a presentation.
  4. Know your message. When you make cold calls, keep a prompt sheet next to you that had your key messages on it. This will help you avoid silences. Scripts can be handy too, but beware of following them too rigidly.
  5. Train your staff. Any staff member who is making cold calls needs to have the proper telesales training to convert that lead into a sale. For London based telesales training, check out Simon Kenna.
  6. Make a great first impression. Always introduce yourself politely and make sure you are calling at a suitable time.
  7. Concentrate on what they’re saying. Ask about their needs and issues, then tell them how your product could solve and fulfil them.
  8. Use different channels. If a cold lead has given you permission to contact them, you can reach out using emails, letters and social media. To establish a strong relationship, you should stick to the phone.
  9. Follow up. Whatever you promised in your initial conversation you need to do it.
  10. Measure your results. Log how many cold calls you’ve made and what the results were at the end of each day. Record how many turn into sales to get your conversion rate. This way you can look at your different approaches, and see which one worked to get the best results.

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