10 Ways to Avoid Mistakes on Business Signs

You don’t want to divert the attention of passers-by away from your business, so, the design of your sign needs to be eye-catching. Let’s look at 10 of the different ways your business sign can capture stranger’s interest!

  • Grammatically correct

Does your sign make sense? Often signs don’t capture the attention of passers-by because their messages aren’t straightforward, they don’t provide clear information making viewers none-the-wiser!

  • Eliminate spelling mistakes

Is there anything that says “unprofessional” like a grammatical error? You want your sign to be intriguing for those who have no idea what your business does, and at foremost it must make sense and read well!

  • Relevant direction

Ok, so your sign has caught the eye of someone passing by. What next? Your sign must include clarity with simplicity to inform passers-by how to get involved! If your sign isn’t accurate, you’ll lose sight of the potential customer, making your sign useless!

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  • True facts

You aren’t fooling anyone if you think you can advertise false information on your business sign! The last thing you want to do is create unhappy customers- try offering them something new and inspiring, but only if it’s relevant to your company!

  • Plan your format

Make sure that your business sign is carefully designed- it may be an idea to put together a detailed plan of how you want the sign to look once finished. Why not hand your design into a professional signage company? Sign Trade ultimately reduce the likelihood of your sign including mistakes!

  • Suitable font

How do you know what font to choose for your business sign? Will you choose an obvious font? You want to stand out from every other business sign, right? Select a font that is appropriate for the context of your sign- it needs to be clear to read- getting your point across instantly!

  • Appropriate colours

Use colours that are symbolical for the services your business offers, (i.e. fast-food chains tend to go with the colour of red), it may even be ideal to choose company colours- and tie your sign to your brand ensuring your logo is recognisable.

  • Eye-catching appeal

If you want passers-by to read your business sign, you must make it stand out! Use bold colours that are visible and consider using large lettering- the bigger the better! Obviously, this is dependent on the size of the sign however you should maximise the space you have available – after all, you want to make sure that the passenger on the bus can read your advertisement, whilst sat in traffic! Perhaps consider LED lighting to make your signage even more striking!

  • Location, location, location

The location of your sign is extremely important. If you want to draw customers in, you need to put your sign somewhere visible and “onshow”! Once your sign has been designed, it’s time for you to splatter it everywhere, for everyone to see!

  • Use Sign Trade!

Sign Trade offer expertise in creating business signs which are tailored to your specific needs and requirements!

Sign Trade ensure your business’ sign is produced to the highest quality- suiting your companies individual style and requirements! Our signs are beneficial for attracting the attention of passers-by – ensuring you’re reaching out to the correct audience at every opportunity.



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