4 Moving Supplies You Don’t Want to Be Without For Long-Term Storage

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At Chelsea Mini-Storage, we offer modern, steel-constructed storage units to safely stow your belongings. Whether you’re downsizing, moving or just clearing your home of clutter, we have appropriately sized storage facilities to suit your needs.

It’s important to make sure your belongings are packed appropriately for long-term storage. Here are four moving supplies you don’t want to be without when storing items over the long term.


Inexpensive and versatile, blankets are useful for covering furniture and protecting wooden dressers, bed frames and hutches from scratches and dings. When blankets are used together with tight moving wrap, which is a bit like plastic wrap, they can help protect glass items as well, as they offer cushioning and a barrier to prevent glass from cracking or shattering. Finally, blankets shield items from accumulating dust and debris. When items sit untouched in one place for a long time, they have a tendency to become dusty or dirty, even if they’re inside an enclosed storage facility. Blankets help capture dust so that your belongings stay clean.

Moving Wrap Rolls

As mentioned above, moving wrap is a bit like plastic wrap and can help keep fragile items tightly compact. Use it for plant pots, mirrors, fragile cookware, or anything with a surface that could potentially break or shatter if left unprotected. It’s typically sold in large rolls and is like saran wrap, but much stronger and thicker.

Bubble Wrap, Clean Newsprint and Foam Sheaths

As with moving wrap, bubble wrap, clean newsprint and foam sheaths can be used to protect smaller fragile items, such as vases, glasses, plates, and flatware. Boxes of flat, clean newsprint have no ink on them and are uniformly sized. They’re easier to work with than newspaper, which can vary in size or strength.

Foam sheaths are excellent moving supplies for packing glasses, and they typically come with specialized boxes with sections for placing them securely. This will keep your valuable glassware safe from damage while they’re sitting in storage. Bubble wrap can also be used, as it offers air cushioning to prevent items from breaking.

Boxes and Plastic Containers

Since Chelsea Mini-Storage is indoors, you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings won’t become damaged because of weather events or excessive rain. Larger items, such as air conditioners, fit well inside a plastic tub if you don’t have the original box. Clothes are often stored well this way, inside a plastic bin, to keep out pests. Boxes are best for dry items that aren’t affected by temperature. Luckily, Chelsea Mini-Storage is also temperature controlled, so however you choose to pack most items, whether in a plastic container or box, is entirely up to you. Plastic containers typically stack better, as they’re stronger and uniformly sized, whereas for boxes, you may have many different sizes.

At Chelsea Mini-Storage, we offer competitive, fair pricing and top-notch security for our valued customers. We also offer expert moving services through Moves, LLC. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you prepare for your next moving project.

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