5 Interpersonal Skills Recruiters Look For During an Interview

Interviewing for a new job can be quite a daunting especially if you haven’t done it in a while. It can be even more difficult if you think you may have finally found the perfect RenaudExec.com job for you.

To help you in the hot seat, then, here are a few interpersonal skills you want to exhibit to set yourself apart from the other applicants.

Interpersonal Skill #1: COMMUNICATION

Of all the skills you need to possess, the interpersonal skill of communication may be the most important. This involves effective listening skills as well as understanding how to phrase an idea on paper and out loud. And because we now communicated over mobile phones and the internet—more than even face-to-face, in some cases—effective communication is more important than in past years.

Interpersonal Skill #2: CONFLICT MANAGEMENT

Effective communication can definitely contribute to effective conflict management. This is not just about dealing with problems between co-workers, but involves understanding how to switch gears between people at different levels of the organization and to deal with mistakes, issues, and other problems that require creativity to solve them.

Interpersonal Skill #3: EMPATHY

Proper communication and successful conflict management are both reliant on empathy: the ability to see—and even experience—something through someone else’s perspective. Empathy is important in all relationships, but perhaps even more so in the workplace, since you might only have one opportunity to meet with a client or potential partner. It helps you get along with people, solve problems, and even relieve stress.

Interpersonal Skill #4: LEADERSHIP

Even as an entry-level employee, you can demonstrate leadership skills. As a matter of fact, big organizations often look for this interpersonal trait in their potential new hires because they always want to hire people that are looking to move up the chain of command. But leadership is more than just getting a promotion: a good leader can help pull people up who are struggling and know how to collaborate with others in order to achieve collective success. Leaders know how to motivate and when to empathize and they know when to implement innovation and when to stick to what traditionally works.

Interpersonal Skill #5: NEGOTIATION

Negotiation is more than settling on a comfortable compromise. Effective negotiation relies on empathy, leadership, ambition, and communication (all things discussed above). Employers look for this interpersonal skill because it demonstrates that you are a good listener and creative problem solver.

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