5 Reasons Why Your Company Is Not Attracting Top Talent

Are you struggling to attract top talent to your company? Well, if you are, there’s some good news and some bad news. The good news is that it’s not only you who’s facing this problem: businesses around the world are in a constant struggle to attract the kind of employees capable of driving success.

The bad news is that you might be shooting yourself in the foot without even realising it. That’s because your company might be doing things that putt off top talent which creates disinterest in the company and the opportunities it offers. To help improve your attractiveness to potential employees, we shall look at some of the ways you could be putting off potential hires so that you can avoid them (source: BCP).

  • Too many roles

There’re a couple of reasons why you’d need to hire for multiple roles simultaneously such as growth in new areas or rapid expansion. Although the reasons for the availability of multiple roles might be good, the long job list could leave candidates wondering why so many roles are available at the same time.

To avoid this problem, be sure to detail the reason why your business seems to be recruiting for entire teams along with the list. Not communicating your company’s position might cause candidates to think that something negative is going on – such as massive turnover – which would cause them to shy away from applying.

  • Poor job ads

Job ads are meant to attract talent to the company, but they could be doing the complete opposite. Ads that are too good to be true make candidates weary. Make sure your ads are easy to read and understand as well as being relevant to the position. Include as much details as possible to ensure that candidates are making informed decisions.

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  • People can’t find you.

In an age where Google answers all our questions, not having an online presence could have a very negative effect on your company’s ability to attract top talent. A weak online presence could give the perception that your company is lagging behind when it comes to technology or that it’s hiding something.

Put engaging content on your company’s social pages and on your company website, and encourage your employees to be active advocates on social platforms. This will help candidates see exactly who you are which will encourage them to apply for the job.

  • Bad employer reputation

A company with a poor reputation will most definitely have a hard time convincing quality talent to work for them. A bad reputation will often stem from former employees and candidates who have interviewed for jobs sharing their bad experiences with other people. Search your company on the net and check out people’s comments and reviews about it. This will help you find out areas to change for an improved reputation.

  • An incomplete career page

If your company has a careers page on its website, make sure the page is complete before making it public. An incomplete page, with incomplete or outdated information, or an ‘under construction’ message will sure send a significant number of prospecting candidates away.

Recruiting top quality talent is already hard as it is. Avoid these poor practices to increase your chances of landing a gem.

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