A Look At The Life Of A Great Philanthropist- Peter Loftin

The world has heard of many great people and their generous natures. Some people work for fame, while some work quietly in the background, doing whatever needs to be done to lend a helping hand to those in need. One of those people who have always been recognized as a silent worker, doing whatever is required to help others, is Peter Loftin.

Every step that Loftin takes, he keeps in mind the needs of others and how he could give back to society and help people in need. Even when he reached great levels of success in his professional life, he has never seen running behind money or fame. Instead, he was known to dedicate all of his life’s earnings to the betterment of society and their inhabitants.

Loftin’s success and his popularity

Peter Loftin has achieved a great deal of success in his life. He has worked single-handedly to become the founder of a huge telecommunications company. He named his company BTI communications, and very soon after the company’s inception, the company was able to make huge profits. However, Loftin’s ambition still remained the same. He did not allow his great success to deter him from the path of doing good deeds. Loftin donated all of his profits to charity, trying to help those in need as much as he could.

How Loftin’s story began?

Loftin grew up from humble roots, and since day one, his motto in life was always to give back to society. Fame and success was not something which he would run after. Rather, he worked hard to allow himself to gain immense amounts of success, only to give back the fruits of his success to society, his fellow members and those who were in need of help.

The first instances of Peter Loftin’s great philanthropic nature began shining through at the tender age of 20, when he opened up a charitable organisation under the name of ‘Coats for Kids’. This humble start was the seed to his ever growing nature to help others. With the help of Coats for Kids, Loftin was able to help hundreds of homeless people by donating coats and other types of winter clothing to them. Without this little step taken by Peter Loftin, several of those who were less fortunate might have died due to the harsh winters.

Loftin did not care for academics, and this was proven when he had dropped out of college not once, but two times, by the time he was 26. This is because Peter Loftin had other plans for himself. Within a few years, by the time Loftin turned 31, he used his business intellect to open up his own multi-million dollar telecommunications company! His company gave him annual revenues of an astounding 20 million dollars!

However, Loftin’s ecstasy did not lie in the fact that he was now the proud owner of millions of dollars; rather, he was happy at the opportunity to be able to earn and give back to society, and those who could really do with a little helping hand. Loftin’s story will always resonate through people’s minds, as one of the most generous beings to ever be born.

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