ACN Inc: Should you actually join ACN?

Multi-Level Marketing vs. (Especially) Pyramid Schemes

What many people don’t understand about MLM (multi-level marketing) companies is that they are, in fact, legitimate businesses. Like most businesses, they sell a product, and like most businesses, they have employees. Such is the case with ACN.

ACN ( American Communications Network, but now known mainly by its initials) is a company that was founded in 1993. That means that for nearly a quarter of a century, this internationally known business has grown and developed. It has done so legally and without scamming anyone. To illustrate the difference between a scam and an MLM company, let’s define the way each works:

A scam, specifically (as people often confuse them with MLMs) a pyramid scheme, works by preying on the trust and friendships that people form. The person or organization at the top of the pyramid sells a few people a share of the profits that they bring in by, confusing as it sounds, selling a few more people on the same idea. The new recruits pay a fee, which is divided by all of the people above them on the pyramid, and the whole thing starts again. Pyramid schemes are dishonest and illegal.

“But wait!” The anti-MLM crowd shouts. “That’s just what an MLM does–isn’t it?” No, and here’s the significant difference: MLM companies sell a product. In the case of ACN, those products include telecommunications, energy, and a variety of services including merchant services. Anyone can buy these things through an ACN “Independent Business Owner,” or IBO.

Why people think that ACN is a scam

A commonly held misunderstanding about the difference between an MLM and a scam comes from the fact that they share one simple, obvious trait: both MLMs and scammers will offer you more money if you bring more people in to work for the company. But how, I ask, is that different than a large firm that offers bonuses to employees who recommend new hires? The difference is all in the advertising; generally speaking, big firms don’t advertise that they give those bonuses to employees. MLMs, however, use this tactic as a part of inspiring their employees to work hard from the get-go.

Now, of course, we have to consider the reason that there are bad reviews out there for MLMs, like ACN. The explanation for that lies in the motivation present in the workers. For many people who attempt to become IBOs, the dream of making money is just enough to get them started–and then never try harder. When a person is their own boss, sets their own hours, and works from home, they have a tendency to give up on working at their job. It’s too easy for them to become distracted, procrastinate, or give up entirely. Then, it is often the case that they don’t want to own up to their own neglect and try to blame the company. It’s only the people who are willing to really work hard and keep working hard that make real money with an MLM company.

Outside Confirmation

If you want unbiased ACN Reviews, look them up with the BBB (Better Business Bureau.) They have an “A” rating, which is exactly what it sounds like. If you’re not familiar with the BBB, you may think that this is a fluke, or that ACN has somehow tricked or bribed the BBB into their rating. Not so. The BBB is a nonprofit organization interested only in furthering marketplace trust and keeping businesses honest.

ACN does make its money by signing people up for their services, instead of somebody else’s. But that’s a little like saying that the place where you bought your lunch makes its money by getting you to buy their pizza instead of somebody else’s–it’s technically true, but puts the business in a negative light. Wording and perception have always played an important role in business, and if ACN fights back hard against people who call them a scam, perhaps it is because they don’t appreciate libel.

ACN is known around the world for providing good products and important services that people are going to pay for anyway. The difference between buying your internet services from them and buying it from another company may only be whether you sign up for it in their store, or sign up for it on your own front porch. IBOs come to you with their business because, yes, they want to make money, but also because they believe in what they are selling. They’re a company, like any other company, but at your convenience.

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