An Overview Of Third-Party Insurance Claim For Car Accident For Vehicle Damage

It is possible that you get into a car accident for no fault of yours. The first thing that comes to mind is the safety of the passenger and the driver involved. The next immediate great concern is the extent of the vehicle damage involved. You would realize that car spare parts and car repair have become extremely expensive these days. This is why, it is advisable that you have a good car insurance policy which provides you with comprehensive coverage against all possible damages.

If the accident took place for no fault of yours, the best option for you is to file a third party vehicle damage claim. By claiming it rightfully under the advice of the right legal expert in the field, your financial loss can indeed be reduced to a large extent.

What a third party property damage claim is?

The third party property damage claim is what is handled by the driver’s insurance company who is at fault. It is taken up immediately after the accident and is different from the personal injury claim which might have happened to you in case you were a victim related to the accident. You need to note that the two claims in terms of the personal injury and property damage claim pertaining to the vehicle damage might at times be handled by two different insurance adjusters.

What do you need to do for making the claim?

Get in touch with Insurance Adjuster

You need to get in touch with the insurance adjuster and get a repair estimate of the property damage. However for a personal injury claim, one has to wait till the time the medical condition of the accident victim becomes stable.

Getting the Repair Estimate

Though there is no lower cap on repair estimates which need to be submitted, as a claimant it is best to get more than one estimate. The more detailed and accurate the estimate, the stronger your claim will be.

The Insurance Company has the right to inspect

The at-fault party’s insurance company might simply accept the claim filed for repairing the damage of the vehicle, based on the repair estimate submitted by you as a claimant for the same. However, more often than not, it is seen that the company might inspect to verify the justification of the claim made. In fact, the Insurance Company has the right to do so.

In such a case, make sure that the inspection is done at the place and time of your convenience. Make sure that you are also present in person while the same is being done.

Negotiations for the claim

Following the inspection, the negotiations for settling the claims begin. This is where again a legal advisor in the field can help you in a big way to ensure that the maximum amount for the claim is paid.

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