Best Entry-Level Jobs in Business Industry

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Business major is a great wide door to all sorts of professional opportunities. Actually, Business majors hold the utmost employable groups of fresh graduates. It might seem overwhelming to pick a job because there are so many opportunities. If you want to concentrate on picking a certain job, you should take a paid or unpaid internship while you’re still studying in college. Of course, this will help you build up some great skills which will also make it easier for you to identify the right career for you, as well as giving you a glimpse of what type of entry-level job you need to apply for.

Here are the best entry-level jobs for business majors:

  • Sales representative.

This job title needs a Commercial mind, because you need to be a pro in understanding your customers’ needs and divert it into a sale (buy-sell). If you have this ability, then Sales representative is your alley. Your role is to sell different products to individuals, government organizations and other companies. You need to be smart by building long-term relationships between you and your customers. If you want to be the master of Sales representative then make sure you increase the company’s revenue with real statics numbers.

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  • Financial analyst.

This job title requires business major qualifications merged with an interest on finance.If you can merge between finance and business major then this is the perfect job for you. This job position is very popular to entry-level roles in the finical services industry. You’ll need to look at the performance of stocks, bonds and other relevant investments.

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  • Brand marketing assistant.

Brand marketing assistant job position is a popular fit job title; you have to learn about being savvy depending on the current market conditions by reviewing reports and studying market trends. Besides other duties like preparing presentations and reports which has the detailed performance of a specific brand , and also make detailed reports for the deigns and marketing strategy as well .

  • Brand Marketing Assistant is a great entry level job title for fresh graduates; it gives the employee a solid start-up push in the business industry generally.
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  • Human resources assistant.

Ifyou get hired in a Human Resources Assistant positions, then you’ll be the one assisting the process of hiring and onboarding employees, besides being responsible of troubleshooting the issues between managers and employees when required. You need to always make sure that the relationship between employers and employees is good and the workflow is operating smoothly. You might sometimes help out in preparing & conducting training programs.

  • Human Resources Assistant for fresh graduates is a great jobposition, this job role allows you to grow gradually and if you’re solid and equivalent enough then you might get promoted to an HR manager one day!
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  • Assistant Buyer.

When you work as an Assistant Buyer, you will be responsible to evaluate suppliers, obtaining price proposals, purchasing supplies and of course ensuring that products arrive on time. You also have to expect that you might be asked to balance the product quality with company budgets and have a good sense of purchasing decision making. If you have the ability to do so then you’re considered a good candidate for this job position.

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Every job position asks for special requirements and skills to be owned,generally, some skills can be gained after work experience and some must be owned before, like being commercial mind by nature, will neutrally open all doors ahead of you related to business majors. Do not only rely on your educational degree, business industry is similar to technology, it changes rapidly and new business methods are being released monthly and some are totally canceled. That’s why business industry needs to be up-to-date about all business developments and new methods. All industries change and develop in a way or another, that’s why every job position has to be updated once in a while, learn new courses and at least read about the latest developments and changes.

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