Challenge Yourself to Try These Things at Bintan Islands

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There are many water activities that you can try in Bintan Island. If you are happened to have a vacation there, try challenging yourself to try these things at Bintan Island.

  1. Dare Yourself to Split the Jetovator

Presently, people are so into Fly Boarding, making folks lift up and fly over the water. One of the famous fly travel in Bintan is known as jetovator.

However, most people find it tough to balance themselves on a single board. However, with the jetovator, the riders will only have to ride the system that helps them adjust and lift them up above the water.

It appears tempting to try, but you only need to keep your core and legs healthy enough to support your body while the device lifts you up.

Any visitors can try this service in Treasure Bay Resort in Bintan.

  1. Sliding Off Three large Platform in The Nirwana’s Happy Valley

As to how it’s explained, the Nirwana’s Happy Valley has three platforms to scale to before sliding up to the air.

Although it seems so dangerous to climb up the higher platform, it’s all worth it since you slide for your flying fox game. It is incredibly safe, enjoyable, and rapid. This game can be attempted at any time.

To try this extremely fun and exciting activity, get the info at Nirwana Gardens. You will need to buy Rp115.000 per slide for in house guests and Rp145.000 per slide for outside guest.

  1. Air Adventures Bintan

Appreciating the view from above must be fun, but it couldn’t be more fun as you journey the Air Adventures Bintan to see the beautiful picture of Bintan out of 100.000 ft in an open atmosphere.

Do not worry, you will be guided by a professional team to keep your belt secure!

This experience is equally thrilling yet exciting. Together with the open cockpit style, this challenge will be the superb experience you won’t soon be forgetting. Before flying from 100.000 ft, you’ll be given a detail safety briefing and will possess the maximum security standards.

What is more interesting is passengers will receive achievement certification after the flights. To experience this flight, you will need Rp1.200.000 per excursion for 20 minutes.


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