Different Types of Fundraising That You Should Know About

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In fundraising, money is collected from people as donations. Fundraiser is the person who raises the money from them. Initially, fundraising was done to fund non-profit organizations, but now it is done for many other causes as well like treating patients with no financial support, taking care of abandoned children etc. Fundraising can be done in online or offline mode. There are various types of fundraising which are:-

  • Online Fundraising

For people finding an easy way to fundraise, this one is for them. There’s a wider reach in this type of fundraising as it is online.

  • Capital Campaigns

There are many fundraises which are bound by time because of which they require quality planning and execution. Many non-profit organizations prefer this type of fundraising.

  • Earned Income

This is a type of fundraising in which fund is collected by selling goods and services by non-profit organizations. Detergent Fundraiser is a perfect example of this type of fundraising. It is a program in which organizations earn money by selling laundry detergent. Also, it is very convenient and preferable because it is a common product used by households on a regular basis and it could be sold without putting efforts into demonstration and explanation which is because almost everyone is familiar with it. Earned Income type of fundraising usually requires a marketing plan. You can read Laundry Detergent Fundraiser reviews to find out how effective it is.

  • Membership Campaigns

When an organization wants more people to know about it, this is the type of fundraising they opt for. Membership campaigns increases your chance to receive funding as many members turn into donors soon.

  • Corporate Support

In Corporate Support, non-profit organizations receive funding from corporate company. Organizations explain the companies about their missions and corporate companies contribute to them. The companies set a budget for their own contribution. Companies often sponsor non-profit organization’s capital campaigns in order to increase their brand reach.

  • Grants

When a non-profit has a defined purpose and mission, grants come into play. These are funding provided to the organization to achieve a specific purpose. Sometimes even government gives grants. The person or organization who gives the grant keeps track of the working of the organization which includes data, efficiency etc.

  • Special Events:

In case one wants to promote their brand while fundraising, this type is the best for it. Many renowned artists like Kygo, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift etc. perform at events in order to raise funds for charity. Following are a few types of Special Events fundraising:-

  1. Marathon Events – fundraising by organizing marathons has become very popular. Through the event, one can aim at creating awareness about one’s cause, raise funds and build a community of supportive people. Organizing these events is often cost-effective.
  2. Auction – This is a great way to gather donors and raise funds. Auctions help in fundraising without directly asking for it. These are easy to plan most of the times and often raise huge sums of money.
  3. Art Exhibit – Artists display their work of art in order to support a cause. They sell their work and donate a percentage of profit to the organization.

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