Do’s and Don’ts for Internship in Australia in Fashion

So have you always dreamt of doing an Internship in Australia and that too specifically in the Fashion industry? Well, Australia’s fashion industry is on an upward graph and proving yourself in this field can be quite challenging. However, if you get an entry into this field, then it is an opportunity that you cannot let go. You can also seek help from internship companies. Simply search for these PGP Australia price to know more about their services.

Here, we have given you some do’s and don’ts that you should follow if you are trying for an internship in Australia in the fashion industry –

Research – It probably goes without saying that when you come for your internship in Australia, you should prepare yourself thoroughly. If you get entry into a company, you need to know the A-Z about this company, its founder, CEO, who your supervisors would be and so on. Go through any latest news if the company has been in the news. Find out more about its brand. Going through LinkedIn or social media is a great way to find your way.

Office Wear – We understand that you are taking up an internship in Australia in fashion. But that does not mean that you overdo it and come to work a little too stylish. Remember that you are an intern and meant to do the behind the scene jobs. You will have to do a lot of running around, so the more comfortable your dressing, the easier it would be for you. The best way to go about it would be to look up the brand and notice how others are dressed. For all you know, they might even have a proper dress code.

Initiative – Taking up an internship in Australia means that you need to prove yourself. Do not take things for granted or wait for work to come your way. If you do not have any work, find yourself something to do. That will get others attention and will be a great way to show how good and dedicated you really are.

Questioning attitude – It is never wrong to ask questions. After all, you are here to learn. So rather than doing something wrong, it would be better to ask questions and learn the right way.

Network – Any kind of internship in Australia needs to be treated like an actual job. Everyone starts from the very bottom, and it is up to you to network and take it seriously. Only then will you be treated seriously and may even become a valued employee.

Feedback – Once you are done with your internship in Australia you need to find out about yourself. Meaning – you need to get feedback about yourself. Before you leave to ensure that your supervisor spends some time with you, ask for feedback, maybe some career advice and any other queries or doubts you might have about the industry. Before your last day, be polite and send thank you notes or cards, and also try and stay in touch through email, social media or other ways. Networking and keeping a connection is vital in this industry.

No task is ever too small. If you have this attitude, any internship in Australia may it be any field or industry – you are sure to ace.

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