Expect To Pay These Duties/Taxes When Importing your Car to Canada

Anytime you plan to Clearit.ca transport your vehicle across an international border you may have to pay certain duties, or taxes. If you are bringing your car from the United States into Canada, for example, make sure you are prepared to pay the following duties if you want the process to go as smooth as possible.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Every vehicle imported to Canada, regardless of its release year, is subject to a flat 5% Goods and Services Tax. You must pay this tax to a Canada Customs Agent immediately upon entering the country (basically before you are allowed to complete the border crossing). The GST is actually the same tax you would have to pay if you were to purchase a new or used vehicle from a licensed and registered auto dealer in Canada.Image result for Expect To Pay These Duties/Taxes When Importing your Car to Canada

Import Duty

If your vehicle was manufactured or assembled in the United States, Mexico, or Canada—with a minimum content of 55 percent—you do not have to pay this tax. If your car was assembled (with a minimum content of 55 percent) in another country (commonly Germany or Japan, etc.) then you may be subject to a 6.1% tax (on the value of your car). This is a tax to protect NAFTA nations, acting as a tariff on foreign vehicles.

Provincial Sales Tax (PST)

After the successful import of your vehicle into Canada, you might also have to pay a provincial sales tax. The PST is due immediately when you register your car in Canada and is calculated based on the current tax rate for whichever province in which you will register your car. This is similar to the way that each of the 50 United States can determine their own sales tax rates. It is not always easy to know the PST beforehand because this tax is calculated based on whatever the current, prevailing exchange rate is at the time you register your vehicle.

Other Potential Taxes

When registering your car in Canada, you may also have to pay other, additional taxes. These largely depend on certain aspects of your vehicle.

  • If your car has been outfitted with air conditioning, for example, you might also have to pay an additional $100 Air Conditioning tax
  • Vehicles that weigh more than 2,007 kg (4,425 lbs or 2.5 tons) could be subject to an Excessive Weight excise tax
  • You may be subject to a Gas Guzzler excise tax if your vehicle is not fuel efficient. The Canadian Federal Government has determined that the fuel efficiency requirement must be 13+ L per 100km.

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