For Product Management and Marketing Success, What is The Contribution of Technology and Science?

Marketing is progressively viewed as science, where data-driven decision-making and sophisticated modeling are taking center stage. So, working on the supposition that a decision to purchase starts at awareness, one should also start in reviewing the relative roles of science and technology on marketing success.

The technical approach to managing the frequency of your marketing message is to model an ideal contact density for each section or, in highly erudite set-ups, for each individual. This allows the marketer to develop a communications plan that certifies the optimum number of touches. Large consumer organizations, like companies, also use this technique to ensure that their customers are not over-communicated, having observed that over-communication can trigger defections or complaints, smart technology-driven rules are applied to safeguard that this risk is minimized.Scientific marketing has increased the prospective relevance of marketing messages exponentially in current years. There is real value in powerful analytics, predominantly if you are able to cross hatch your analyses to build a rich and full picture of your market. Right time, right message, the right medium can now be worked out for you using powerful optimization software. The various data strategy awards are besieged with excellent instances of this approach.

Steve Silvers is the VP Product Management of the Neustar IDMP, which is component of Neustar Marketing Solutions. He has surfaced as one of the more well-informed product leads in the complete ad-tech space.

Fostering and balancing a healthy mix of marketing skills: Having simply scratched the surface on these subjects, it is clear to see that marketers require balancing their skills at both ends of the scientific-artistic range.

  • Ensure your marketing team is trained in briefing and understanding creative and scientific suppliers.
  • Facilitate creative thinking -Marketers need about one day per quarter of simplified creative thinking.
  • Start with technology and science to build the profile of your onlookers, but always get a creative team to contribute ideas about how to grasp them.
  • Test various technological executions against the same viewers to demonstrate in hard commercial terms the effect of the creative element of your crusades.
  • Make certain you track people through the sales funnel to allow you to see how you have engendered your best leads.
  • Look for ideas everywhere – To have a good idea, you do not have to have ‘creative’ in your job title.
  • Never let the statistics speak for themselves – When it comes to appraising marketing, you do need to look at what the onlookers saw to really understand it.
  • Read the marketing awards booklets – There is no such thing as a new strategy. Most marketing awards these days look at technology and science, you will find great illustrations if you look for them.

With a BS in Comp Science from the University of Michigan and an early career as a developer, Steve Silvers is at home solving complicated technical issues with the engineering teams. Marketing is one of the most exhilarating jobs in the world; you are a psychologist, a scientist, an artist and so much more. If you recognize, sharpen and balance these skills you will achieve success for your business and great contentment for yourself.

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