Get your own Ben & Florentine franchise in Quebec City

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If you are interested in the dining industry and want to start your own business, Ben & Florentine is offering a franchise opportunity in Quebec City. The brand is known for its home fries and brunch menu and already has over 25 outlets. Working with Ben & Florentine is an experience that their franchisees swear by. Below are some aspects worth knowing about Ben et Florentine franchise Quebec.

Why consider Ben & Florentine?

First and foremost, this is a budding brand that has managed to enthrall customers with their exciting concept. Acquiring their franchise and getting started is easier than what entrepreneurs imagine, and the investment is considerably low. The brand also specializes in offering support and training, and franchisees can make the most of collective buying power. With easy working hours and a business model that’s simple to manage, entrepreneur can reduce the worries that are otherwise associated with owning one business. Ben & Florentine also offers marketing support for all new and existing outlets.

Basics at a glance

To start a franchise with the brand, you need unencumbered cash worth $175,000 (up to $275,000). Note that Ben & Florentine Restaurants Inc doesn’t offer direct financial assistance, but they help their new franchisees with the application process, which comes handy in securing financing. The initial franchise fee is $35,000, and prior to the opening, you can expect a bunch of services such as site selection, and supervision for the exteriors and interior construction. They also provide comprehensive assistance with design and specifications, use of logos, trademarks and other all things that’s required to get the business started. Pre-opening support includes market studies, site selection, lease negotiations, business plan preparation, architectural and interior design, and construction and equipment.

Construction and Equipment

Royalty fee and benefits

The franchisee should pay a royalty fee of 5% of the total gross sales per week. For the same, the brand will offer all positional assistance for operations and related aspects. Ben & Florentine is also very particular with hygiene and food safety, for which they help franchisees in maintaining the same. The royalty fee also covers all the relevant support related to logos and trademarks, operational manuals, centralized suppliers and distribution and research & development.

With assured assistance, variety of lunch and brunch items, and the opportunity to grow with a powerful brand, you don’t stand the chance to go wrong. Check their website for details.

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