Gulf Research On Infrastructure And Industry

Marmore economic reviews are individuals proper researches which cope with specific economic problems that arise with an random basis and that the team thinks demand further study. Our economic research is aimed at various subjects like examining the implications of the usa credit downgrade around the GCC region, Kuwait Development Plan, impact and reactions of Middle East political anxiety, Kuwait Capital Market Law and it is potential side effects, and lots of other subjects.


Our Sector research covers MENA’s key industries including Infrastructure, Banking & Financial Services, and Oil & Gas.

The Gulf Infrastructure scientific studies are a very specialized report focussed on Power, International airports, Seaports, Streets & Railways, Water, and ICT. These studies concentrate on Gulf Infrastructure that is attracting lots of investments to fulfill existing demand additionally to forecasted growth which remains high despite global trends and market conditions.

Banking research focusses around the condition from the GCC banking sector with country analysis, the outcome of deleveraging for GCC financial sector and consequent performance of GCC banks, other scientific studies include stress testing the Kuwait banking sector against Property and Financial sector exposure, the brand new Central Bank of Kuwait rules on Kuwait Investment Sector.

Oil & Gas research focusses around the role of oil for GCC economies, estimate oil cost situations and explore the connection between oil prices and stock exchange performance, stock of major oil projects being carried out in the area with specific updates.


Our GCC research report have wide varying as well as in-depth coverage of GCC/MENA capital marketplaces that are proper anyway & also concentrate on the core issue impacting the Gulf capital marketplaces.

GCC Capital marketplaces research focusses on subjects like examining Large Cap GCC stocks when it comes to composition, stock performance, risk and challenges facing the segment, examining the value of the brand new Kuwait 15 index and back-testing its performance, analyzing the function of presidency possessed organizations in Gulf stock marketplaces, evaluating the performance & consistency of GCC fund managers, and lots of other subjects.

The Daily reviews take the type of a Morning Brief (giving an overview of marketplaces, blue chips, rates of interest and goods), Kuwait daily and glued earnings reviews.

The weekly reviews take the type of a Kuwait Market commentary (an expansion around the Kuwait Daily, detailing liquidity, performance etc) along with a MENA Market Intelligence report which supplies weekly updates on GCC research reviews compiled by various analysts/brokers, together with performance overview of Gulf Stock marketplaces and glued earnings developments. There’s additionally a Property commentary.

The monthly report takes the shape Market Review with a succinct review of any economic/political news which affected market actions. Review also tracks worldwide economic/ market indicators for example Given Funds rate, U.S. House Market, Goods, Ted Spread etc. Furthermore, a monitoring of GCC liquidity is supplied additionally to some short commentary on market valuations and unpredictability as measured through the Marmore Unpredictability Index (an exclusive model designed, developed and maintained by Marmore to judge risk). The monthly Options report highlights activity within the equity options market particularly with the Marmore Forsa Fund.

GCC Market Outlook that is launched at the beginning of the entire year reviews the year before and provides projections for Gulf Stock exchange and Industry together with challenges faced. Projections derive from five factors that directly impact market performance (Economic, Earnings growth, Valuation, Market liquidity, and Geopolitics), with weights being designated to all of them. The outlook report launched following the mid-year, looks at the previous half of the season and projects the following half according to an exam of numerous motorists affecting the performance of GCC stock marketplaces.

Equity Research Statistics report aims to provide a checking from the equity research coverage available over the GCC region by staring at the GCC research reviews. It analyses broker coverage of GCC stocks and highlights the businesses, industries, and nations which benefit from the most coverage versus individuals that are under-researched. In addition, an analysis GCC reviews, with regards to the number and kinds of recommendations provided to companies, therefore enabling visitors to look at analyst/broker sentiment and assess stocks using the greatest potential performance.

GCC Resource Management & Investment Banking Survey analyses the condition of GCC Resource Management & Investment banking industry when it comes to total size, market leadership, costs and future potential. Investment banking section presents info on capital market activity, M&As, and financial loans. Challenges facing the region’s resource management and investment banking industry are talked about individually at length.

Custom Information Services provided by Marmore is really a complete solution for Adhoc information needs on MENA marketplaces where we offer financial info on MENA Marketplaces based on client’s specific needs.

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