Haim Toledano: 5 Smart Investments in Biotech

Biotechnology has been receiving growing interest from investors over the course of the last few years. This is because of the high profit potential in biotechnology, partly due to the risks involved in such investments. According to financial analystHaim Toledano, some stocks that are potentially smart biotech investments include Celgene Technologies, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Acadia Pharmaceuticals, TG Therapeutics,and Lexicon Pharmaceuticals.

Celgene Technologies –This company has successfully introduced several best-selling drugs on the market including Revlimid, Pomalyst, also known as Imnovid, and Otezla. The company experienced earnings growth of 21% for 2016 and forecasts annual compound revenue growth of 17% for 2017.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals – Although this company has been negatively affected by the FDA’s rejection of some of the drugs it has offered for approval, there is still lots of earning potential. Financially, company performance remains strong and some of the previously rejected drugs have been resubmitted with higherpromise for acceptance this time around.

Acadia Pharmaceuticals –This biotech company is the first and only one to get FDAapproval for its Parkinson’s disease psychosis drug, Nuplazid. There is much promise for this company.

TG Therapeutics –this company recently introduced the blood cancer drug TG-1101 to the market and it received overwhelmingly positive response. The drug is expected to receive regulatory approval by the middle of 2018. Sales forecasts for the drug following its approval areestimated at over $1 billion upon initial launch.

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals –This company received FDA approval for the drug Xermelo, an orally administered drug for carcinoid syndrome diarrhea in February 2017. The company is expected to earn annual revenues ranging between $300 million and $540 million. However, the fact that these revenues will be recurring is what makes this stock an attractive pick for investors seeking long-term income.

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