Houses in Montreal vs. Chicago with ValueMags

Real estate all around the world has its ups and downs. Chicago based marketing agency for magazine publishers, ValueMags, knows it all too well. The magazine distributors are contemplating expanding and shipping to certain other countries. ValueMags has built an empire and has decided to start planning to expand. This means however that they will need offices around in those countries, especially in Quebec, a province that requires companies to be bilingual.

The average household income is $83,051, with only 9.7% of people making less than $30,000 in the residential areas that ValueMags is looking to establish their office in Montreal, a similar culture to Chicago. The average household size is 2.69 people which makes sense since it is mostly bought houses/buildings at 82.4%. The area where the house is located in Pincourt is 58.7% French which is less than the percent of people who identify themselves as French in the Vaudreuil-Dorion. This is a newer development, half residential, half commercial. This is the type of office environment the ValueMags executives want to create: a family and positive healthy and green friendly environment. 32.6% of people identify themselves as English which could be a big help when it comes to communication barriers. The only problem is that only 19.5% of people are between the ages of 20-34 and 22.1% of them are between 35-49.

Demographic wise the house wins over the condo and apartments because it has a higher income (less crime) but loses to the first apartment since it has the most English speaking people. The first apartment on the other hand loses to the house since I can speak to 91.3% of people in a language of which I know. Ideally, ValueMags could establish offices all over Canada and other countries with similar community demographics.

Before purchasing a home/condo or renting an apartment it is important to see if there will be any growth for future years to see if it will be easier to sell in the future or not. For more information about ValueMags future projects, new magazines, and commentary on national news worthy events, visit the ValueMags new blog website!

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