How to Choose the Best Spyware to Suit Your Needs

The presence of technology guides each and every hour of our life. Anybody who has an access to smart phones can lay their hands on a huge range of technological applications like GPS, social media sites, instant messenger and many more. Social media sites like Twitter or Facebook is a rage among social media users and it is difficult to find a person, who does not have a presence in any one of the platforms.

Social media has a number of benefits and have brought our world closer. However, excessive use can lead to addiction and develop concentration problem among kids. As far as adults are concerned the effects of excessive social media addiction can be even more devastating. Irrespective of whether you a worried parent or doubtful partner, now you can keep a track of your partner or kids activities through Facebook spy app. Most spy apps available in the market are not free of cost. They do offer a free trial period, but if you wish to enjoy the long term benefits, you are required to purchase subscription.

Before you buy any subscription it is important that you take these points into consideration


Each and every spyware available in the market is different from each other. Before you purchase any software, make sure its fits all your requirements. If you are looking for software with a simple screen shot capturing option, then you don’t need to invest in any high end software. However, if you want to keep a track of your partner’s phone call or wish to archive their Facebook chats, then it is important that you invest in a high end product.

Opt For A Trail Period

If you are not too sure about which software to buy, it is advisable that you opt for a period of trail run. Most software’s would provide you with a free trail run period of a week or month with all its features. Take advantage of that feature to find out if they meet your requirements.

Install In Both PC And Your Smartphone

Facebook is a multi device platform and can be used on any platform or device with an internet connection. If you really want to keep a track on the activities of your spouse or kids, it would be a good idea to install the app across multiple devices. Before you purchase any app, make sure they have multi platform function ability.

As far as social media is concerned, Facebook is not the only platform. There are many social media platforms, like twitter, viber, and snapchat and so on. If you wish to keep a tab on all of these platforms, then investing in a multiplatform spyware like Hoverwatch might be a good idea. Next time your kids or partner tries to act smart by changing their sim card or using a different device, show them that you are smarter than them.

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