How to Generate Good ROI from Trade Shows

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Trade shows are a good platform for any business to exhibit its brand value and create opportunities for future growth. The proven strategy makes sure that you receive good return on your investment.

There is always a particular time in any business year to develop marketing strategies. Amidst increasing competition for more attention and return, the companies are channelizing their advertising effort and expenses through multiple mediums such as social media networking, blogging, podcasting, customized mobile apps and website making in addition to some traditional yet still relevant strategies.

Some Interesting Facts

Interestingly, most companies still invest 32% of their marketing expenses for trade show displays. A trade event is a perfect avenue for them to reach out to more customers, interact with the potential buyers and promote brand value more effectively.

According to a statistics, 81% of the buyers attending the trade events have purchasing power. The surprising fact is, 70% of business entities have no specific goals or strategies to participate in the trade shows.

Though only 13% of trade show exhibitors promote their new products and/or services at these events, 92% of exhibition attendees are curious to learn about the new launches.

If you run a company, it is time to take some effective and exciting steps as a larger pool of event attendees have purchasing ability and they are always on lookout for new things. The step you take, if proved a big hit, will make sure that your investment will reap benefits in terms of capturing leads and getting a handsome return.

We will now go through some effective investment strategies for good return from trade show displays.

Pre-Show Marketing

Inform your loyal customers about the date, timing and venue of the trade show you are going to participate. It is a way to make them feel valued, which is likely to result into more attendees crowding at your stall and a surge in sale. Also spread the details about the show via your website and social media. Reveal your plans in newsletters or customer emails. If you can afford, an invite-only event will effectively promote your participation, purpose and products.

High-End Giveaways

Think out of the box while conceptualizing one or a couple of great giveaways that will force the attendees to consider your brand and offers with seriousness. Giving gifts such as decent pens, portable chargers, torches etc will give them a reason to keep you in mind and turn to your company.

Marketing Staff

Invest on a team that shares your ideas and goals. The marketing experts suggest that the most outgoing extroverts are the best persons to represent your company. Selling is the second-most important priority at any trade show, only next to marketing. Therefore, trust the marketing staff who can be a go-between the leads generators and those who can follow it from the close quarter.

Best Location

Make efforts to get the best location. How many people visit the stalls at the last isles? Most take the exit door after visiting the first few stalls and the most popular ones. Grab a location near a corner booth, main entrances or the best food stalls. Foot traffic is a key factor at any trade show.

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