How To Motivate Your Employees – 6 Effective Strategies

Building a successful workforce does not end once you have assembled a team of talented individuals. Workers need to be continuously motivated for consistent high employee productivity. Without proper motivation, even an extremely gifted group of individuals can produce less than average results.

A lot of managers and business owners believe that employee motivation is a personal issue fuelled by an individual’s needs, values, circumstances, and personality. Although this is true for the most part, managers also have an important role to play in employee motivation. After all, the business has a lot to gain from a highly motivated workforce. Staff Advert suggests 6 ways you can motivate your employees for improved productivity:

  1. Communicate your vision

This helps give your workforce a sense of direction. By communicating the company’s values and vision, managers will be able to help their employees aspire to something and by extension incentivise them to work harder to meet the company’s goals.

  1. Create a feedback system

Employees and managers should be encouraged to continuously provide feedback to each other. Workers should be encouraged to provide input about how things can be improved as well as suggest approaches for challenges facing the business.

Managers, on the other hand, should not wait until performance reviews to comment on employee performances. Giving immediate feedback to employees helps them make an accurate assessment of where they stand relative to the goals they are expected to meet for continuous self-improvement. Negative feedback should also be provided in a constructive way and in private so as not to demoralise the employee.

  1. Praise publicly and celebrate achievements

Public recognition of a job well done in front of peers is a sure way of motivating a team as it shows them that hard work is appreciated. Other than pointing the spotlight at the performing employee, make sure that the achievement is also celebrated. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, a meal together with the entire team will show appreciation as well as help build cohesion in your workforce.

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  1. Give rewards

While a good salary plays a big part in employee motivation and engagement, there are other ways to reward employees. Create staff reward programs linked to positive behaviours and performance to maximise employee morale.

Instead of big annual awards, create a series of rewards given all through the year keeping your employees continuously motivated. Vary the basis of the reward to ensure everyone has a chance to be successful e.g. instead of focussing on sales alone, add other categories such as top researcher or most diligent employee. This will help everyone have something to work towards.

  1. Provide career advancement opportunities

Employees will generally work harder when they know that their hard work will help them advance their careers. Make sure that there are well-defined career paths for your employees and provide adequate support for them to achieve their career goals. Mentorships and training as well as promoting from within are sure ways of getting your employees working hard.

  1. Focus on the individual and not the group

All individuals do not react to the same incentives. Learn what each team member is passionate about through informal conversations to find better ways of motivating them. Also frame strategies in multiple ways to ensure that all the stakeholders have a clear, personal understanding of the benefits of working together for both the team and themselves.

Motivated employees are more productive, more engaged and highly unlikely to leave your company in pursuit of something better. It is, therefore, necessary for managers to ensure that their employees are motivated for the success of the organisation.


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