Innovative ways to create photo frames online

Do you want to create masterpieces from your mundane photographs? Just use these innovative tips to create photo frames online and watch your pictures create a panorama of magic in your environment.

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Compile a collage for that “collection” effect

Masterpieces are works of art that form a collection. Make your photos collector’s items too by creating a collage out of them. Select photos which have a seamless flow of emotion from on to another. Or construct a theme and organize photos accordingly. Get your photo frames online designed to match the ambience, theme and decoration.

Whichever you do it, your collage of photos are going to become the highlight of the room where they are displayed.

Matting your photo frame for matchless quality

A photo looks ordinary when it is just framed. Give an extra matting of plain black or white and watch your photo speak volumes. Order your photo frames online with matting to render them matchless in quality and appeal.

Outline your artwork in the frame with Linen liners for lasting effects

Some photos may look ordinary in wooden frames. But line them up with some linen liners and watch them get transformed into works of art. Linen liners come in different shades and designs to match your photo or frame. They accentuate the photograph and bring depth to the picture. Bring exclusivity to your pictures by ordering photo frames online with linen liners.

A motley crew of photo frames

Sometimes a mixed muddle draws more attention than the organized line-ups. Order your photo frames online in different shapes and sizes. Make a motley crew of them and watch this haphazard display turn into a “wow” assembly.

Ascending or descending

Create a difference in displaying your photos. Let us say, you want your put up photos of your dear children. Order your photo frames online in increasing sizes. now display these photo frames in ascending or descending order on the wall horizontally. This gives a gallery effect and also draws attention due to its sizing theme.

Ladder them up

A novel idea is here. Order photo frames in a sequential order of size. Choose a blank wall and draw an outline of a ladder in chalk. Now arrange the photo frames along the rungs of the ladder. Won’t this be a unique display of your photo frames?

Assorted assembly

Experiment new ideas with your photo frames. Choose a colour theme and order photo frames of different materials but of the same colour. Arrange them in a pattern that will highlight each frame distinctly.

Photo mural

IF you have the artist in you, give a splash of colour to the wall and create a mural. Now embed the photo frame seamlessly to be a part of the mural. This will create a breathtaking effect for your photos.

Ordering photo frames online – some tips

  1. Send your artwork or frame layouts in PSD,CDR,EPS etc.
  2. If you do not have an artwork, create one with the help of your Print specialist.
  3. Photos may be uploaded in GIF,PNG or JPEG formats but the file size should not exceed 500 MB
  4. Multiple photos should be sent as a zip file
  5. Photo areas may be square or rectangle
  6. Leave bleeds of 3 mm on all sides for edge-to-edge designs
  7. All the fonts in the file should be flattened or curved.
  8. The minimum resolution of the image should be 300dpi
  9. Specific the type of finish you want for the frame- matte or acrylic
  10. See the sample online and confirm your order for perfect execution.

Create innovative photo frames online impeccably using expert Print specialists to evolve an inspiring environment at home or office.

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