Most Common Types Of Trade Show Displays

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Trade shows, conventions, and conferences are the best platforms for a company or a firm to advertise and showcase its products or services. Many international and national trade shows and conferences are organised which attracts media and guests from overseas as well. Every company tries its best to gather the attention of media and guests at such shows and conferences. But the most basic and fundamental way to gather attention at such shows is to have a nicely and soberly built trade show display.

The most common types trade show displays are:

  1. Table Tops: Table top is one of the most common trade show displays. Being portable and easily foldable they are preferred by most of the firms. In this display, a foldable frame is utilised to put at the display the graphics. Those graphics are attached to the frame with the use of metal fasteners and magnets. Table top displays are about two-to-three feet high and are easily portable. They are extremely easy to set up and can be easily folded too to carry from one place to another.
  2. Table Covers: These are also called throw covers. In these types of displays, the graphics are draped over a table. They are of industry standard and are of higher length usually. The company’s product or services details, messages and information are written on the front cover of the table. Due to this, it is easier to grasp a rough idea of the products from even far distances. It attracts the attention of people easily.
  3. Pop-Ups: A pop-up showcase utilizes an adaptable realistic board put away in a pop-stacked roller. To set up the presentation, the structure is expanded and afterwards the realistic is unrolled and anchored to the casing to hold the really tight and set up. Pop-ups come in a wide range of sizes. Show boards can be level or bent. Illustrations can be exceptionally imprinted on the board or separate designs can be appended to the board. Pop-ups are light and simple to transport. They are every now and again associated together in a “daisy chain” to show an interrelated arrangement including at least two showcases.
  4. Pipe and Drape: Booths are framed utilizing empty metal tubes (“pipe”), associated at the corners and bolstered by upstanding bases. Fundamentally, the pipe associated with making a diagram of your corner space, at that point texture wrap is hung along the pipe to accommodate a visual obstruction between booths. Many expo merchants will set up their own public expo show within the pipe-and-wrap bounds of the corner. Different sellers will utilize the pipe-and-wrap as their corner, and append show materials ideal to the pipe or window hangings.
  5. Banner stands: This is the most simple trade show display. Large graphics of companies or firms are supported on a standing frame. There are many varieties of stands to choose from, which are retractable, tension, cable and motorized scrolling.

Trade show displays mostly showcase newly launched products or services and upcoming products or services of various companies and firms. Every firm and company try to gather the attention of media to advertise their new products.


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