Never use tight stop loss in Forex trading

There are many ways you can follow to set your stop loss in Forex. Traders know many ways and they use it in their trading. Today we are going to tell you can use your stop-loss in Forex. It is a common misconception among the traders that they need to set their stop-loss in a tight position. They believe it because if the stop-loss is in a good position, then they can have the good profit and if the trends are changing they can close their trades with the small loss. This article will tell you why you should not set your stop-loss at a tight position in Forex.

Trading is an art and every single step that you take should have a proper reason. We all know that without having a stop loss in the Forex market is a big mistake. But some retail often uses too tight stop in their trading. You need to understand the normal price movement of the currency pairs. For instance, if place a 10 pips stop to a certain trade, chances are very high that you will lose that trade. Here comes the twist. But after you trade has been closed you will see the price is going in favor your trade setup. So you stop loss is being hunted by the market. Make sure that you are never using a tight stop loss in the Forex market as it will increase the number of losing trades.

Some retail traders often ask, about the best way to place a stop in the Forex market. To honest, there is no such thing called “best” in the Forex market. However, you can use the price action confirmation signal while placing trades in favor of the long-term market trend. Make sure that you are doing the higher time frame analysis before taking any trade in your online trading account.

The trends have normal changing pattern

You must have noticed that when you place your trade in Forex, you do not make the profit immediately. You have to wait for some time and then you make your profit when the trend is coming in your favor. You have to know that all these trends also move in Forex and it is very normal for these prices to go down. If you set your stop-loss at a tight position, you will find that your trading is closed before it has started. Traders know these trends can move and they can also come down. This is how these market moves and traders make money but if you set your stop-loss at only some pips below, you cannot make the profit. You have to understand the normal trends and patterns of your market.

Closing them early is a loss

You do not know if your trade is going to be profitable in Forex. If you think you will lose your profit, you can set your stop-loss at a loss position. Many people do not know that closing the trades early is also a loss in Forex. It is not only lost when you are losing your money. If you set your stop-loss at a position where the market moves always, you cannot make the profit. Set your stop-loss at the position where the trends will not go normally and if it goes, you can close your trades.

Should I make it big?

You also should not make it big in Forex. Stop-loss is what closes your trends and the trades are ended in the market. If you set them to lose, you will lose all your money from your account. You can learn from the professionals how they set their stop-loss. They do not set it too tight and also not too lose. They set it at a position where the trends normally do not go and if it is there, the trends are closed and you have your money in your account.

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