Ninja Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Exhibition Booths

All the planning and designing that goes into an exhibition booth will be worthless if the booth will not manage to achieve one thing – attract lots of attendants who can then be converted into leads or sales. In as much as you are interested in a visually appealing booth with a powerful marketing message, you should also learn about the various ways of attracting more traffic to your booth. Presented below are some of the ninja tips you can rely on to attract and retain traffic to your exhibition stand:

Have something to entertain your audience

Instead of having a dull and boring booth display, think about certain things you can make to keep the place lively and compel attendees to pass by. The common forms of entertainment for tradeshow exhibitions include demonstration of your products, giveaways, presenting seminars by well-known industry leaders and including interactive games as well as LDC displays.

Make your booth as relaxing as possible

Attendees to tradeshow exhibitions normally spend hours on their feet and sometimes by the time they reach your stand, they are dying of exhaustion. If you could think about various ways to relax them when they are at your stand, then they will be delighted to stop by and listen to what you have to say. You can achieve this by including lots of seats, cool colors, comfy tradeshow interlocking floors, and maybe some calming aroma to create an ambient atmosphere for relaxation.

Include food and drinks

This is a bit tricky since it is prone to abuse by attendees who will flock to your stand with the soul objective is to get the snacks. But if you can include some refreshmentswithin your stand, you will not just attract lots of people, but also, your booth will have a pleasant smell, which will allow you to get noticed by lots of people on the floor. Don’t go heavy, but consider light snacks such as fresh popcorn.

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