Oil Filtration in Manufacturing – Essential to Keeping Equipment Running

Oils that are used in industry make up a large group of products especially in the manufacturing industries. These products are used for the lubricating of areas where equipment causes friction. Properties for operation are usually dependent on the hydrocarbon structure or on the content of needed additives that are used to add to the quality of certain properties to the product.

Oil filtration

To produce these industrial oils, they that have the high standards to be able to be used in areas where the temperature can be over 350-degree C are common. These include amounts of oil compounds that are a mix of hydrocarbons of different groups as well as their by- products. This is the area where oil filtration is used in order to get unwanted and degrading elements filtered out of the oil before it can be used again.

Manufacturing industry

Currently there are over 100 names of industrial oils that are used in the industry of manufacturing with some used in hydraulic systems and other used for gears, especially worn gears, andused with elements that are heavy duty in industrial equipment. Modern oils for industrial use must meet these requirements:

  • Stability rises
  • Improvement of anti-wear
  • Protection from desecration of properties
  • Compatibility with hydraulic systems resources
  • Filterability
  • Demulsibility

While being transported, stored and operated these industrial oils will often also gather contaminants which have negative impacts on the properties of performance.


The common contaminants are usually impurities such as rubber from seals, metal particles, and plastic. These impurities develop due to the friction of lubricated surfaces when working. And over time, industrial oils gather oxidation products that can be in the oil both in colloidal and dissolved state.

Degrades oil

When these impurities are present changes occur to the properties of the oil. This often will cause it to stop working as effectively or at the high levels that it needs to. This causes:

  • Breakdown accidents
  • Unscheduled downtime periods
  • Expensive equipment decreases effective performance

This is the time when oil filtration is done by transformer oil filtration equipment. This allows the oil to be used more than once saving money and still performing the same tasks as new oil does.


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