Outstanding Things to Do in Batam

Wonderful Indonesia

Batam is one of the favorite destination places in Indonesia. If you are planning to have a trip there, here are some outstanding things that you can do in Batam.

  1. Discover an underwater world in Pulau Lang

Abang Island is one of the islands off the main island of Batam that are still uninhabited and untouched. There, you’ll find a rare species of coral known as the Blue Coral, which only lives in waters that are clear with superior water quality.

From harmless clownfish to ferocious sea urchins, and a wide range of species such as red snapper, red sand fish, blowfish and pinang, find their distinctive color, shape, and size and observe their interactions within their natural habitats.

If you have not yet to try snorkeling or diving, do not worry, our experienced instructors will guide you along the way.

  1. See the puzzles of the sand in Setokok Beach

Setokok Beach is a beach, unlike any other. Look carefully, and you’ll notice a simple wavy pattern onto the sand. The shore curls into a raised elongated layout, forming a tombolo.

This gives the illusion of you being on a tiny island surrounded by water — a rare photo opportunity!

If you would like a romantic shot along with your loved ones, you can pose on a swing onto the beach, where both of you can sit side by side, arms around each other, with feet dipped in the water.

You can always walk down the beach if you feel like moving deeper into the sea. And for family gatherings, you will find wooden shelters out there for you to lay out your afternoon picnic!

  1. Escape to a quiet refuge at Pa Auk Tawya Vipassana Dhura Hermitage

Are you into a cultural structure? Or just looking to find a peaceful sanctuary away from the bustling city?

As you head up the Pa Auk Tawya Vipassana Dhura Hermitage, a monastery in Batam, you will initially ascend 208 staircase, where each stage has an intricately carved flower design.

As you head up, the bell-shaped stupas provide a beautiful background for photos, and you’ll see that a Buddha statue.

When you eventually get to the top, you will be awed with a breathtaking view of lush hills and greenery from afar. And of course, you might also observe traditions of the Buddhist temple, or even join in their own meditation.


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