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Dress a Hamster is a free online pet game for girls that are aged between 5 to 8. The main character of the game is a hamster with two large black eyes and two small ears. The virtual hamster has white fur, and a brown belly. The setting of the game takes place in a green field, in the background, there is a hamster cage. Dress a Hamster does not have background music.

In the beginning, the Dress a Hamster game can take a long time to load. The first screen of the game shows the hamster dancing and jumping around. To start playing the game, you must click on the Play button.

In the Dress a Hamster game, you will have to dress the hamster in different clothes and accessories including pants, sunglasses, shoes, hat, and shirts. The player is to use the mouse to click on the dress and drag it to the hamster. The clothes will not automatically fit to the hamster. You have to drag the dress on the hamster in the right position. The shape of the outfit is made based on the shape of the hamster body. You need to fit the dress based on the shape of the hamster’s body. The dresses can overlap with each other.

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Players can buy dresses online india the hamster in a wide variety of pants, including yellow, pink striped, blue striped and black pants. The shirts which you can choose from include blue, yellow, red, jean fabric, polka dot, orange, and black shirts. The available hats which you can choose from include black cap, green cap, and purple cap and black tall hat. There are three types of shoes you can choose from including blue, red, and black shoes. The sunglasses are available in different colors including red, black, blue and yellow sunglasses. The clothes and formal dresses are designed specifically to match the size of the hamster.

The Dress a Hamster game has no time limit. Player can dress the hamster for as long as they want. There won’t be a screen to congratulate you after you finish dressing the hamster. Unlike other dressing game, the old accessory won’t be replaced with a new accessory. Instead, the accessories can overlap against each other. If you want to play the game again, you can click on the Reset button. The Reset button is located on the lower left corner of the screen. The Reset button is represented by a big red dot. If you want to remove the dress from the hamster, you simply drag it away with your mouse and put it in a different position.

The Dress a Hamster game is suitable for girls. Parents can keep their daughters busy by letting them play the game for hours. Your daughter will learn to love her pet through playing the Dress a Hamster game. It educates children that they need to look after the needs of their hamsters in order to keep them happy.

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