Recently Injured at Work? Here’s How to Get Compensated

Accidents inevitably occur in the workplace. Scenarios like tumbling down the stairway or tripping over surfaces can happen to any employee no matter how strict the company is in upholding their safety regulations at work. These accidents may lead to regrettable events ranging from a bruise to an urgent need to undergo a surgery.

The Department of Labor found out that slips and falls account for the majority of workplace accidents. Records show that it accounts for approximately 95 million workdays lost per year, totalling to more than 60 percent of all work days lost.

There are various kinds of work related incidents but one of the most common is a hip & leg injury. When an employee falls over, chances are an injury to their hip might be sustained. Or when an unforeseen object falls onto their legs, they might twist their foot which can result to a leg injury.

Rights Of The Employee

An injured employee has the time limit of 30 days from the date of the incident to inform his or her supervisor about the situation. Otherwise, the company may consider it invalid disregarding that it happened in the first place.

Various state laws also protect and assist workers who get injured in work. In Florida, the local state law says that an employer is to be held liable in paying compensation or furnishing benefits if an employee suffers an injury or accident in the workplace given that there is relevant evidence such as valid medical findings. An injured employee can then be eligible to get reimbursement in the form of monetary assistance or valid sick leave for the accident if relevant medical findings can be presented.

How To Get Compensations

Keep in mind that the local state law of Florida requires proof such as relevant medical findings in order to declare that the incident was valid. Presenting copies of MRI’s or CT scans of the victim can establish the authenticity of the injury. Accordingly, if the work related injury is solely based on pain complaints alone, it can be considered invalid.

This proves that sufficient evidence can be very crucial in getting reimbursements if somebody got injured in the workplace.

The Florida Worker’s Compensation System is known to help victims avail of the financial reimbursement for medical costs at the same time recover work benefits lost during the whole period of the injury with enough proof.

Fight For Your Worker’s Benefits

On the other side of the coin, there is also a possibility that the worker’s reimbursement benefits may not be granted. Cases such as a pre-existing hip & leg injury of any kind which happened before when the work-related accident took place is a factor which may deny any claim for possible reimbursement. However, if a victim can prove that the work injury contributed majorly on worsening the prior condition, the case can be considered.


To sum it all up, there are certain factors and circumstances to consider in order to determine the validity of one’s work related incident. This means that the path to getting compensation for work-related accidents can get complicated. Knowing that it can be difficult, it is important to discuss the circumstances with a physical injury attorney. Consulting an experienced lawyer for legal advice of what to do next is one way of increasing the chances of obtaining worker’s compensation benefits.


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