Risks of Doing Business in China

In starting a business, there will always be things to look out for. There are inevitable risks that go along creating and managing a business. Not only should you look out for what you see outside but now that technology is actually getting more and more advanced, you should also be cautious about what other people can do online. Whether your business is a physical one or in e-commerce, you should always be heedful to certain risks.

In China, people are very much into business. They have a very competitive environment and we are all aware of that. But we also know that China is a communist country, which means that the government controls almost all aspects of the country. The laws are implemented equally among the Chinese people, but that can change and these laws may apply to others and may not apply to others depending on the orders of the Chinese government. This is a challenge because if the government controls how all the businesses are run, the businessmen and company owners would not have the freedom to actually decide how they want to venture into their businesses and especially because they create and implement strict laws on their people and how they want their people to handle the businesses they have created.

As mentioned earlier, China has a very competitive environment. The Chinese people are very competitive when it comes to business. Competition among businesses is good because it increases the productivity of the competitors, but if there is too much competition, then there are less chances of actually succeeding in business if you do not keep up with your competitors. With business, there is always a quick movement. It starts with finding out and understanding what your customers want and need and then think of something that will cater to those wants and needs. There will always be more than one businessman who will venture into a certain industry. That is where the competition will start. When they learn that a certain product gets the attention of customers, then they will always try to create something better than that product that caters to the customers’ needs, and the other competitors will follow.

China has increased internet penetration. Before, the Chinese people did not really use the internet much because most websites are blocked from their system. They have to use a Virtual Private Network or a VPN in order to access sites you can easily access from other countries such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google. Until now, these sites are still blocked but it is easier to access these sites today than before. The Chinese are more open to using the internet now even for business and viewing other information. The internet plays a very vital role in disseminating information and communicating the information to as many people as possible. And although we all agree that the internet is very helpful not only for businesses but also for us, there are also risks online. In fact, there might even be more risks online. An example would be the case of the Rape of Nanking. This issue happened a very long time ago, but it has come to the attention of the Chinese that a certain Japanese business owner, specifically, a hotel, tried to deny this issue by writing a book saying that it did not happen and then distributed the copies of his book to every room available in his hotel. Issues will circulate around the internet and that would be risky because people do not really know what is true and what is not.

Doing business is not easy and although there are lots of opportunities in the business sector not only in China, but in all countries in general, we should still always know what we should be cautious of and this will help us understand what we should be doing with our businesses and how we should handle them.

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