Signs that a Person is Already Addicted to Trading


Anything that’s too much is bad. That also applies with trading. Being addicted to Forex Broker List trading is a thing and it’s also a serious problem. Here are some signs that a person is already being addicted to trading.

Being shortsighted with your Investment Goals


Investing is about making money but the amount or how quickly you make it will impact your investment decisions. For those who are addicted to trading, the need to make money becomes their sole driving goal.

And because of that shortsighted vision, they typically commit risky and costly trading mistakes. Rather than having a sound, long-term investment plan, people addicted to trading make big bets and, in essence, transform to gamblers.

Getting “High” of Investment Wins


Everyone loves making money. Who doesn’t? Most of them also have natural high from it. However, for certain people, specifically those who are addicted to trading the stock market, it’s no longer just natural high. It’s already a case of adrenaline rush.

And like most people considered as adrenaline junkies, one time is not going to be enough. Someone with trading addiction will make larger and larger bets to feel the rush again and again.

Spends too Much Time


Online trading Finance Brokerage Weekly TV News has already made it easier and cheaper for people to trade,  but it also makes it easier to get addicted to it. It can be very appealing to get up, walk across the room, and make hundreds of dollars in just minutes. However, perhaps because of this, it can be addicting and time consuming.

A person who spends 12 or longer hours in front of the computer screen probably has a problem. If you leave this person be, he will likely become an addict that will  end up losing a lot more than a quick hundred dollar.

Obsession with the Investments


It’s fine to be an avid market follower. However, when it becomes your sole focus in your life, it’s possible that you’re no longer just an enthusiastic market watcher. You’re already obsessed with the market.

Most traders who are addicted to trading are going to constantly follow their investments out of fear that they will miss out.  Technology makes it easy to stay on top of stocks in real time, fueling a trader’s obsession.

If you find yourself always checking your investments or panicking when you are away  from a digital device for too long, it may be a signal that you are slowly turning into a trading addict and that means you should seek help.

High Trading Activity


Usually it is family and friends who know the addiction before the person suffering from it does. Typically, they will confront the person to try to intervene.  As a result, the person committing the offense will start sneaking around.

If you find yourself trying to hide your trading activity, lying about what you are doing with your time,  or otherwise keeping family and friends in the dark, you may have to consider the fact that you have a problem.

Ruining Relationships


Another obvious sign someone is struggling with an addiction is when that person ruins close relationships. If that person is spending the whole day trading or thinking about trading, it will be difficult to maintain relationships.

Usually, constant trading leads to neglect, frustration, and the end of relationships.


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