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Stickers are the legend of childhood. They depicted our favorite cartoon characters, reminded us of businesses we use, and even sported a rock band or two back in their day. You’d find them in cereal boxes, Cracker Jack boxes, and at just about any business counter in the world, just in case you wanted to grab one to pop up on a fridge or notebook. Stickers serve many purposes in the world today, not just for children but for a multitude of purposes.

Best ways to use custom stickers

You can make custom stickers online and have them printed out and mailed to you. These services are helpful for a number of occasions, both commercial and personal.

Make stickers for birthday parties

What child doesn’t love a colorful sticker from time to time? There are not many children who don’t love stickers. If you’re having a birthday party for a child, personalized stickers can enliven the occasion and make it more memorable.

Print business info

Stickers serve as handy reminders for customers. If you want to cheaply advertise your business, a few business stickers with your logo and contact info can do the trick. Hand them out to customers who come in or sit them out on a desk and offer them free of charge. Customers often grab business cards and stickers as they wait in line to speak with someone. They’re free to them and great advertising for you.

Use them as name tags

Stickers also make great name tags. Few people haven’t worn one of those handy “Hello, my name is…” stickers in their lifetime. If you’re a new business and want to cut costs, using stickers as name tags can be very helpful. Name tag stickers are also great for one-time occasions where you need a cheap form of disposable ID.

Start printing today

If you’re a business or person with an upcoming personal event, stickers are a cheap way to make the event more fun and memorable. People who walk away with your stickers will have a constant reminder to pin up on their notebooks or other stationary that lets them remember their time with your business or event. They’re one of the cheapest ways to hand out constant, 24/7 advertising without having to break your piggy bank.

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