The Most Powerful Technique For Building Rapport

In a previous article we took a look at the starting point of building rapport, but that’s all it was, a starting point. Now it’s time to learn how to create that magical connection during the initial conversation.

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When most people try to make that initial connection, they tend to focus more on the perfect thing to say, which in reality has very little to do with making the connection.

So, what is the secret then?

Body language, that’s right, body language.

What do I mean?

The secret that most people don’t want you to know is a technique called mirroring.

As mirroring creates the connection, you can go a step further to verify you are completely synchronized with the other person, ensuring you’re in the rapport zone.

This technique is called leading.

So how does it work? You can do this by briefly breaking your mirroring routine and doing something different, for example: drink some water, move forward, or smile. You are looking to see if they move out of position. If they do, you are in the rapport zone.

IMPORTANT: The other person doesn’t have to match your behavior exactly, you’re just looking to see if they move in some other way.

If it doesn’t work, continue to mirror and try leading them a little later. Remember this takes lots of practice to master.

Key Lesson: If you want to master the skill of building rapport, practice mirroring and verify with leading.

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