There are many things to consider when starting a business. But don’t let the excitement get in the way especially when it comes to legalities of opening a food business. You will have a peace of mind if you operate a food business legally and the first step is securing necessary permits and licenses in your locality so that the operation of the food business is compliant.

Steps in securing food business license

The first step you need to take is to get the proper food license within your locality. There can be different rules and regulations depending on where your business is based and the said requirements may vary. If you are going to operate a food business, you are required to notify the proper authority. The businesses includes: restaurants, cafes, mobile food units, hotels, etc.

Other businesses that require food license are aged care facilities, child care facilities and food processing companies.

As the operator, you are obliged to determine your business classification. If you are going to build a food premises and it will take some time before you can open, still there is a need to register as a food business. You need to check this within your locality because before you begin the construction, you will check with them, if the food business is allowed within the planning zone.

Who is responsible for the issuance of food license?

Since there is a need to apply for a license and registration within your locality, as the food business operator, you need to provide certain information like your food business classification, what types of food you are going to serve, who will be eating the food you serve and who is going to be your food safety supervisor.

The requirements can be acquired with the personnel’s in your locality like for instance those under food licensing authority or department of health or Department of Licensing wherein they obtain the business information and the owner’s personal information as well. Since food license is mandatory for all food business operators.

Rules and Regulations in obtaining a Food License

If you are going to operate in the food business industry, there are a few rules and regulations. You need to get a license application form from your locality and this can be obtained from the local health department. You have to provide the name of your business, the exact address of your food business and the owner’s personal information. Submit the application form along with the required fee, base on your area of locality through the health department. It is required that once the food license has been approved, you will need to re-apply it or make a renewal.

Before the issuance of the food license, a health inspector shall make a complete inspection of the facility, the health inspector shall check on important safety and health codes such as cleaning of utensils and proper storage for the food to avoid contamination, prior to this, you may contact your local health department for health and safety codes especially if you are going to build a premises for your food business.

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