Top 3 Airport Runway sweepers

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Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is a significant challenge in most airports. Most airports regularly remove debris from runways using an airport runway sweeper. Tiny parts of pavement and metal screws can cause severe damage to aircraft including destroying jet engines. Airport personnel need ideal FOD removal methods to get rid of debris.

Let’s take a look at three common methods.

  1. Mechanical Sweepers

Typical mechanical sweepers have flexible brushes that move swiftly. They aid in extracting debris from runway cracks and storing it to a primary collection bin. You can sweep away large objects using a mechanical sweeper.

However, they have several drawbacks including:

  • Brush bristles can easily break off and be a FOD on runways
  • It’s hard to collect tiny particles as you can quickly stir them into dust
  • A mechanical sweeper needs constant maintenance such as replacing worn-out brushes
  • They are not effective in removing FOD during rainy seasons
  • Costly to buy and maintain
  • Limited client guarantee and warranty.
  • You require a unique silence to operate them.
  1. Vacuum Sweepers

A vacuum sweeper has slight variations from an ordinary vacuum cleaner. Often, sweepers are used in dusty conditions; some have tiny moving brushes to penetrate into deep cracks. At times, a vacuum cleaner generates dust. Vacuum sweepers suck particles preventing them from spreading in the airport.

Vacuum cleaners have the following drawbacks

  • The cleaners are bulky. It might lead to pavement degradation.
  • They need frequent repairs and maintenance.
  • Vacuum sweepers are inefficient on wet surfaces.
  • Limited guarantee and warranty
  • You need an exclusive license for you to operate them.
  1. Friction Mat Sweepers

A friction mat airport runaway sweeper collects dirt and debris using several brushes. These sweepers direct debris to a collection mat. You can tow them behind a variety of cars including golf carts and pickup trucks. Friction mats such offer affordable FOD removal solutions. They collect debris using tiny brushes which direct it to the collection mat.

Benefits of friction mat sweepers include:

  • Efficiently removes broken pavement, dirt, sand and metal parts. They have a pickup rate of over 90%.
  • They clean runways within a short period
  • Suitable for hard and wet surfaces
  • Applies a sophisticated patented technology
  • Highly portable
  • A lifetime guarantees
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • They don’t need regular maintenance as they lack vacuums

A quality airport runway sweeper is useful in removing debris. However, you need to buy them from reputable dealers with proven track record. Airports are important points of entry and exit that should not be taken lightly.

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