Top Benefits of Attending Brigham Young University

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Brigham Young University is a private university in Utah that has an affiliation with The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints. Founded in 1875, it has a good reputation among those following the Mormon faith because of the strict rules that it enforces and the religious classes that students take. More than 98% of its students are practicing Mormons, but BYU does admit a small number of students from other faiths and denominations. Some of the benefits of attending BYU include the networking opportunities the university offers with alumni like Senator Mike Crapo and actor Aaron Ruell.

High Rankings

One reason why BYU is so popular with students is because of its high rankings. U.S. News & World Report ranked BYU as the nation’s 61st best college and included it on a list of the top schools from around the world. Washington Monthly and Forbes both ranked BYU as one of the best American colleges too. It also ranks among the best value and most affordable schools, and its students graduate with less student loan debt than many other American schools. BYU also has a high job placement rate and a large number of students who go onto graduate or law school.

Similar Interests

Many students attend the BYU campus in Utah or one of its other campuses because they want to study with others who share the same and similar interests. If you are a practicing Mormon and decide to attend a secular college, you’ll find yourself working around others who do not attend church services and those who make decisions and statements that go against your religious beliefs. BYU requires that students attend regular church services and offers clubs and activities suitable for students who want to talk about their faith.

Strict Honor Code

As a religious institution, BYU has some strict rules that students must follow. These rules first came about in the 1940s and grew during the 1950s to reflect some of the believes of the Church. Rules now prevent students from using drugs or alcohol both on campus and off. Its honor code includes rules on the way students can dress, how they can wear their hair and how they can act around members of the opposite sex. Though the honor code may seem restrictive to some, many students like knowing that the university uses the same rules as the Church does.

Networking Opportunities

As a student attending BYU, you can attend networking events and meet with politicians like Mike Crapo, Orrin Hatch and others who held public office. Those with an interest in working in entertainment will find that a number of actors, directors and writers attended the university, including Jon Heder. Heder gained fame as the star of “Napoleon Dynamite,” which alumni from BYU helped film, write and produce. Orson Scott Card received a number of awards for writing books like “Ender’s Game” after graduating from BYU. Professional athletes also graduated from the university.

Whether you are coming up on your high school graduation or already graduated and want to go go back to school, you might consider going to Brigham Young University. Though the university has some strict rules on how students can act and dress, the benefits of attending BYU include letting you network with its famous alumni.

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