Understanding Safety and Warning Signs

When it comes to finding effective signage, you needn’t look any further than HFE Signs. These signs are all designed to offer high-quality and to offer utmost professionalism.

The safety signs from HFE Signs are ideal if you want to ensure that the working environment is safe, making sure that there’s no compromise to employee’s safety.

The safety information included in the safety and warning signs is extremely useful. Here’s all you need to know about safety signs and warning signs:

Warning signs.

HFE Signs provide a complete range of warning signs, making it easier for you to protect your working environment from hazards. The warning signs that they supply are used to draw attention to hazards. These tend to be either triangular or diamond.

Prohibition signs.

You’ll have seen these signs at some point; they’re placed in environments that are unsafe and forbid people from accessing them. Each of them is round in shape, making them easy to recognise.

Mandate signs.

Regardless of what industry you work in, you need to know what to do in order to stay safe, and what better way to do so than to invest in mandate signs from HFE Signs today?

Safety signs.

The safety signs provided by HFE Signs are perfect for highlighting how to reach safety. The Site Safety Signs are easily recognisable because they are either square or rectangular. When a hazard arises, HFE Signs provide peace of mind, making it easier for the workforce to know exactly what they need to do.

But how do signs and symbols communicate?

Regardless of which safety and warning signs you require, the colour of the sign can have an important impact on the brain, and here’s how!

Red signage.

From the collection of safety signs and warning signs, you’ll notice that HFE Signs supply an extensive range of red signs, the most popular in their calibre. Red is not only a colour that the eyes are especially sensitive towards, making it readable for those further afield.

Yellow signage.

Yellow is a colour that’s bright and bold. The human eye has the ability to see yellow clearly, ultimately preventing any severe hazards.

The fact that yellow safety and warning signs are so bright makes them perfect for drawing attention to hazardous environments. These signs are ideal for warning employees and visitors of any hazards.

An example of these includes the Warning Electrical Hazard Signs!

Blue signage.

From HFE Signs’ extensive range of products, you’ll find an array of blue safety and warning signs, each making a powerful statement on any wall.

The blue signs are often associated with the construction industry, providing clear instructions.

Green signage.

The green safety and warning signs are minimally intrusive but guaranteed to improve safety in the workplace. The green safety and warning signs are easy to blend but are also designed to stand out on their own.

So, when it comes to complying with health and safety standards, HFE Signs provide the safety and warning signs as a requirement of law. What’s more; you’ll even have the opportunity to find a sign that suits your specific requirements because the team of experts at HFE Signs scale all signs to size!

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