Warning Signs That Should Tell You To Fire Or Not To Hire A Lawncare Company

Always trust your instincts when meeting up with a candidate for your lawn maintenance. This is what we hear mostly from people who have dealt with scammers in the trade. But what makes you good at detecting a cheap lawncare company? For sure, in your quest to finding one you have already encountered cheap talks and over eagerness in striking up a deal, or have you?

If your lawn doesn’t look as if it had been worked on by someone who knows how, then, it is high time for you to consider looking for another service provider as your hire is about to get fired. Let us discuss some points that contain tell-tale signs that you should let go of your lawncare company or not to hire one.

Hard to Reach Mode

Service providers that are hard to contact or take time to respond to your complaints or job orders may not be good for you. At the onset of the agreement, all service providers promise to answer all your calls and some of them have 24/7 representatives manning their website. But what happens sometimes is the opposite.

Ever-changing Personnel

Take a look at the faces of your lawncare provider. Do the people you see when servicing your lawn look familiar? If so, you should ask them where Jack has been and if he is still connected with the company. If employees keep changing faces months after you contracted for the service, then, there must be something wrong with the management. When this happens, there is a need to orient these new guys over and over again. That’s a lot of speech for you to make.

Not so Good Reviews

Take a look at the website of your provider and check on the reviews left by other customers. If you see more than three-quarters of bad reviews, it’s time you fire your hire! Chances are you might experience what they have had. Are you up to waiting for that time to come? Skip a particular company once you see bad comments in overwhelming numbers.

Less Experience, Poor Service

How can a cheap lawncare company perform tasks that can be done excellently by those who have been known to provide the best service? While it is true that there are startup companies in this field, there are scammers who pretend to know everything from mulching to landscaping or even doing the very basic which is leaf removal. That’s why it is important to ask for certifications and list of previous customers to see if they have really passed the mark.

Punctuality Issues

Being prompt is a must for all service providers. Therefore, if you agreed on a certain schedule, then so be it. Considering that not all homeowners stay at home all the time, it is proper to respect the time that is reserved for lawn maintenance. You wouldn’t want to wait forever for your garden maintenance crew to arrive, right? Also, listening to thousands of alibis is so irritating.

Makes Unusual Payment Arrangements

Huge upfront payments demanded by a service contractor may sound odd. That is the same as cash payments which can be something that can make you think twice. If this happens at the start of negotiations, leave it. Go to the next contractor and see if the pitch is still the same.

So, next time, be sure to check on everything there is to know about a service provider for your lawn or else, you’d find yourself in the dark—all the time.

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