What is Brand Activation and why do you need it?

Connecting to your target consumer:

An aging brand, almost forgotten and not known to millennials, desperately in need of activation and making a few changes will not make the brand noticeable instead, your brand will need to go through a process geared at capturing people’s minds, making a memorable connection that is certain to bring it back to life.

Shifting perceptions:

Brand activation plays a crucial part in whether your brand, your company survives, thrives or dies.It is imperative that whatever method, whatever event is used to activate your brand, it must be effective in reaching potential consumers and powerful enough to shift their perceptions and create genuine emotional engagement.

Purpose of rebranding:

The purpose of wanting to rebrand must be evident as it is key to defining the future as it relates to your brand. Brand awareness must be evident on multiple levels.

Optimal service:

TGP with its location in Dubai, has a hard working team, hand-picked, every member is an expert in his field, who understands the markets they operate in and thrive on delivering excellence. Capable of always providing a professional, tailored and world-class service, that is guaranteed to give your brand relevance, taking it from unknown to optimizing and maximizing and exceeding your brand’s potential.

TGP delivers:

TGP is the region’s leading design and production company focusing on exhibitions, events, interiors, graphics and audio visual. A company capable of delivering an expert service across five divisions, to a broad range of clients from all sectors including commerce, industry, government, retail and many others. It is second to none because our clients matter most.


Equipped with cutting edge technology and state of the art experiential tools, Dubai-based brand management company TGP is able to customize and personalize to suit each client’s need, and is able to deliver with seamless efficiency, event solutions capable of engaging your target consumer with the outcome being a long lasting relationship.

Its not about finances:

Brand activation should never be measured in terms of finances, but should be seen as a way to promote awareness and visibility for your brand. It should make your brand more prominent and allow for consumer interaction.

Benefits to be derived:

The benefits of brand activation are far and wide, taking your brand to a level of prominence and fast forwarding its uniqueness which will set it apart from competing brands. Be confident that TGP is able to get you there.

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