What Type 1 Car Insurance Gives You In Thailand

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Type 1 car insurance (ประกันรถยนต์) is the most comprehensive type of car insurance that you are able to obtain when in Thailand. Many of you will know it as Fully-Comprehensive like what you are able to get back home and the type of insurance that we always advise people to get when driving in the country.

SO what is Type 1 car insurance and why is it the best type to get when driving in Thailand?

  • Covers You for Everything

Whether you have an accident with another vehicle, hit a tree or do any kind of damage whatsoever, type 1 insurance will have you covered. It will also cover any damage to third-party vehicles and property as well.

  • Choice of Car Dealer or Garage Repairs

With this level of car insurance, you will be able to have your damaged vehicle repaired either at the car dealer that sold you the car or at a high-quality repair garage. The former can usually only be chosen as an option if your car is less than three years old.

  • Covers the Full Value of Your Vehicle

Unlike the other types of car insurance in Thailand, type 1 will cover you for the full value of your car rather than just for a part of it. You will also be covered for any medical expenses that are a result of a car accident too. This will certainly give you peace of mind when driving on the roads of Thailand.

What You Are Covered For with Type 1 Car Insurance

There is an extensive list of what you are covered with from a standard fully-comprehensive car insurance package in Thailand. The following are the key areas that you will be covered for if you bought Type 1 car insurance.

  • Accidents not involving another vehicle
  • Accidents involving other vehicles
  • The theft of your car
  • Fire damage caused to your car
  • Damage caused by flooding
  • Damage caused by terrorism
  • Cover for accidental death
  • Cover for accidental injury
  • Bail bond cover
  • Damage caused to third-party property
  • Injury caused to third-parties


Now that you understand a little more about Type 1 car insurance in Thailand, you are probably thinking about getting yourself some cover. There are numerous car insurance providers in the country but you should always shop around to ensure that you are getting the best deal and from a reliable provider that has a good reputation.

If type 1 is a little too much for you, you could also consider type 2 or 3 when you need car insurance. Both of these will not offer nearly as much cover for your vehicle but they will at least make sure you are covered for any third-party vehicle damage.

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