Why do you need flat cut letters from Sign Trade?

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It’s all well and good having a sign that is pretty and detailed but if your sign is difficult to read, it’s pointless being there. Signage is one of the main contributors to generating traffic to your shop or business, so it needs to be perfect!

Despite being simple, flat cut letters can be particularly enhancing and make your business stand out from the crowd, so why not find out how you could benefit from Sign Trade’s range of laser cut letters today?

Add depth and character.

You may think that flat cut letters aren’t very decorative, however, you’d be surprised just how effective they are! Using acrylic lettering allows you to be creative and put your personal stamp on yourbusiness’ signage, don’t be afraid to make it fun and exciting.

Make it eye-catching.

Sign Trade’s Perspex letters are perfect for capturing the attention of passers-by. Rather than choosing a design that’s complex and detailed, why not keep it simple? Incorporate bright colours and patterns to your signage to make it impressive and striking, you don’t need to overcomplicate it!

It doesn’t necessarily mean that because your sign includes flat cut letters, the font has to be simple, Sign Trade supply a variety of fonts and colours available for their flat cut letters.

Make a vision a reality.

With Sign Trade’s quality flat cut signs, you are sure to make a statement. It goes without saying that the laser cut letters can be tailored to suit your individual requirements and preferences. Whatever you have in mind, Sign Trade can help youcreate it, making sure that it resonates with your initial design and the needs of your business.

No “one size fits all” approach.

When you think of flat cut letters, they don’t all have to be the same. If the shop next door has 3D letter signage, it doesn’t mean you have to! Acrylic lettering in flat form is just as effective as 3D lettering, so don’t think you have to choose 3D letters to make your sign stand out.

The flat cut letters from Sign Trade are available in sizes of up to 3m high, and allow you to choose any shape, letter andcolour to ensureyour letters areunique to your business.

Compliment your surroundings.

Although signage is for the purpose of attracting customers, it needs to suit the environment your shop is located in. The benefit of flat cut letters is that they can be naturally enhancing, using natural light to produce a vibrant sign.

The materials you use for your sign should be dependent on the location of your shop/sign and also the type of finish you’re looking to achieve. At Sign Trade, you have the choice of Perspex letters in foam PVC, acrylic and aluminium.

Choice of finishes.

Make your flat cut letters pop! You can personalise your lettering to make your brand recognisable. Sign Trade, allowyou toadd an additional finish to the letters to add quality, so whether it’s a mirrored effect, brushed lettering, plain or vinyl, don’t forget to add those all-important finishing touches!

For more information, contact Sign Trade today!


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