Why IncFile is the best?

At IncFile we specialize in making your business dreams come true. We can easily help you perform a wide range of business functions such as business incorporation. With our help, you can form any kind of business that you wish to in the United States of America (USA). One of the various areas of our specialty is a limited liability company (LLC). With our expertise and assistance, you can easily form an LLC in a short span of time and without many problems either. In fact, you may not believe this but we can actually help you start your business for a frugal amount of $49. Obviously, the state fees of the state where you wish to form your business would be added to this as well. In fact, our pricing model is one of the best facets of the services that we offer to you – our beloved and valuable customers.

The advantages of doing business with us

There are so many reasons as to why you should want to do business with us. For starters, unlike the companies looking to bleed you dry, we do not have any hidden fees. On top of that, we make it pretty simple for you as well. With us, there is nothing called a contract. We have been doing business from 2004 and ever since we have worked with at least 100,000 business owners from across different corners of the globe. We can say with a degree of confidence that they have liked what we have done for them.

Helping you start the right way

We can help you find the kind of business entity that would be the right choice for your business. Are you looking to form an LLC? We can help you do that. Do you wish to start your C-corporation online? With our help, you can do that as well. Apart from that if you wish to set up a nonprofit company or an S-corporation for that matter as well.

What do we provide?

Our package includes all the different kinds of comprehensive services that are needed to set up a business successfully. Those services may be mentioned as below:

  • Verifying availability of company name
  • Registered agent service – the first year is provided for free!
  • Business tax consultation for free
  • Preparing and filing articles
  • Lifetime company alerts
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Next business day processing
  • Online order status tracking
  • Online access to documents of incorporation


We are not a money minded organization that is looking to set up businesses just for the heck of it. We are not in this business just so that we can make a quick buck at your expense. We have an instructional video at our official website https://www.incfile.com/. You can easily visit our site at your convenience and see how convenient we have made it for you to incorporate your business. We are here in it for the long haul and resources such as these prove that more than anything else.

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