Why Is Ocean Freight More Advantageous Than Air Freight?

Due to the rapid globalization and technological advancement, individuals and business now have more opportunities to explore beyond possibilities. Now, business can expand their network of suppliers and consumers with ease. Gone are the days when transportation of goods takes several months before arriving at their destination. Business transactions in the world today have become easier thanks to advanced communication tools.

International shipping plays a key role in an organization’s effectiveness and productivity. The increase in the demand for ocean freight shipping has brought about intense competition amongst shipping companies. Ocean freight is perhaps the safest and most effective way of transporting your cargo to various locations overseas. Ocean freight is much more popular than air freight for many different reasons.


Individuals and businesses involved in shipping goods overseas use two major ways to transport cargos – air freight and ocean freight. The major reasons why companies choose air freight services is when they are transporting perishable goods freight. As you know, perishable goods are time sensitive so there is need to get those items transported to their final destination speedily. If the delivery time isn’t a major concern, then you should consider ocean freight.

This is because it is cost effective and more economical than air freight. As the ocean freight service is more affordable compared to air, businesses can send large quantities at an affordable rate. Furthermore, ocean freight can take up a considerable amount of goods regardless of sizes and shapes. Some of the items you can transport include vehicle, tools, heavy machinery and much more. These heavy items cannot be transported by air.

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Over the years, ocean freight has proven to be the safest method of transporting goods overseas. It also includes truck deliveries to transport the good to their final destination. Most ocean freight shipping companies moving goods overseas provide inter-modal containers to guarantee safe delivery. That way, the shipment cannot get damage neither will they incur any major loss during they transportation.

Eco friendly

Asides from being safe and economical, ocean freight is eco friendly. It does not emit as much carbon in the environment as other methods of transportation including air. Modern cargo ship engines leave lesser emissions that pose less threat to the global economy.

There is no better way to transport goods regardless of size across several destinations around the world than through ocean freight. The planet is surrounded by water which makes it’s a viable means of transporting goods from one destination to another. During the industrial age, ocean freight was the only means of transportation. But with the advent of technology, people have turned to air transportation because it is faster.

On the downside, air freight cannot transport heavy items. Not only that, it is expensive. This makes ocean freight a preferable option for business owners looking for a cost effective and safer ways of transporting their goods overseas. Save more, and get your items delivered intact with ocean freight.

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