Why should HR Departments use a Cloud HR Service?

These days, a company’s HR department doesn’t need to be in the same building as the rest of firm. It doesn’t even need to be on the same continent if interviewing is done by video chat such as Skype or Facetime.

Even so, a cloud-based HR service such as WORKPLACEone, provided by People Care Human Resources (http://www.peoplecarehr.co.uk/) is a good way for employees and HR professionals to manage a range of tasks related to human resources, including holiday leave, training compliance, corporate benefits, payroll, employee records and much more. Using a cloud-based system allows employees to request their leave and expenses, while the HR department can keep tabs on payroll, absence, mandatory training or courses, study leave and expenses. Best of all, staff don’t have to be in the office; they can log in and update their records wherever there is an internet connection.

This does, of course, rely on staff being tech-savvy, but the layers of access privileges will also cater for those who are not (or are too busy to log in) to allow their secretaries, administrative team or HR themselves to update the staff records on their behalf.

A cloud HR service is also useful for those companies whose employees are freelancers or franchisees remote from the main location. It saves the expense of a server specifically for the software, but still allows bosses to see their staff outlay and attendance records. Firstly, those staff who travel widely may find it easier to access a cloud-based system when abroad. It doesn’t matter which operating system or hardware an employee prefers with a cloud-based HR system, either. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, Apple iOS, Mac OS, Windows of any flavour and Android; as long as the HR cloud-based software can handle it, an employee can log in and use it.

Cloud HR services have a further use beyond simply logging initial employee payroll details, attendance, sickness and training status. Some of the extras provided by WORKPLACEone (http://www.peoplecarehr.co.uk/) are more lighthearted. For those companies which operate a reward system, for instance, the option is there to share peer-to-peer staff recognition and employee rewards for those who meet targets.

Many businesses have staff recognition schemes, and the results are often shared on staff noticeboards and through all-staff emails. With WORKPLACEone, the employees themselves can log in and see how they’re faring against others. Managers can award points to their team based on parameters of their choice and colleagues can thank another staff member with a designated ‘instant reward’.

From initial interview to final leaving party, WORKPLACEone has the entire recruitment-employment process covered. It’s easy, comprehensive and can be fun. Small and medium sized firms will love its adaptability. Larger companies are likely to prefer its cross-platform functionality.

WORKPLACEone (http://www.peoplecarehr.co.uk/) appeals to everyone. Interested companies can book a free demo to find out why.


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